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We first want to say thank you, everybody, for making this summer so incredible! We played in some new cities for the first time, and we had some stellar hometown shows. We met a ton of people, made new friends, and saw some unforgettable sets from other bands everywhere we went. Thanks again to everyone for making the real magic happen.
Here are some links to audio streams, videos and photos and fun stuff we did over the summer...

Our Soundcloud is revamped so you can listen to full sets of recent shows
BandCamp has both studio releases and pro-recorded live sets.
Our Instagram has all manner of pictures of our shenanigans, show posters and shots of our gear hunting.
We always keep current on
Facebook so make sure to like and share us with your friends.

Our very good friend Don Carpenter has been traveling around with us taking photos and videos for many, many moons. We feature his work right here on our website, check out everything he does and show him some love. 

Don's Facebook: 
Don's Instagram: @djcmediagroup

And of course, check back with us here on the interwebs for exclusive content and join our mailing list!


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